Mafia II Collector's Edition

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2K Games reveals the Mafia II Collector's Edition, a Steelbook case filled with the game, a hardcover art book, a soundtrack CD, and a tear-resistant map of Empire Bay, as well as free access to the Made Man DLC, with two new cars and matching outfits for Vito. Check out the Mafia II preorder page for more info on the Collector's Edition and the retailer-specific bonuses you can score for preordering it for the PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360.


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I never played the first one, though I always really wanted to. How close is this to being a realistic representation of being a gangster, at all? I don't mean realistic in the sense of get shot, you die, but how much does it seem like a real mob story, not an over glorified herp derp "I am the mob"?