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Yesterday we heard of a rating new to Madden NFL 11, the Old Spice-sponsored "Swagger." Rumor had it that the rating affected player attributes. Nope. It governs a player's likelihood to celebrate, during or after a touchdown.


MyMaddenPad got the score from the team itself:

The "Old Spice Swagger" rating determines the likelihood of a player to celebrate on the way to the endzone, or after a touchdown. For example, a running back like Adrian Peterson (99 rating) has a greater tendency to celebrate than Frank Gore (50 rating).


Ian Cummings, the game's lead developer, followed up to say it is "purely a set personality rating."

Sports titles get ripped for every little instance of in-game advertising, despite the fact the real ones are larded up with scads of sponsorships. Here it might be warranted. Manual celebration controls have been a part of Madden since ... I can't remember when they first were a part of the game. They were there in Madden 10. Sit on the B or circle button inside the 20 and you'll high step and point even if it's Ruth Bader Ginsburg playing wideout.


If "swagger" is only pertinent to touchdown plays - not big hits, interceptions or (shudder) Michael Irvin-style first downs - then an auto-celebrate feature adds little in the way of gameplay, solidifying this as more advertisement than feature. Update: Manual celebration controls will still be a part of Madden NFL 11.

I don't think this means EA Sports will start inventing B.S. stats every year just to sell more ad space to your eyeballs, but it is a fair criticism.


Swagger Rating Explained by EA Sports [MyMaddenPad]

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