Madden Welcomes Back the NFL, Gets to Work on Free Agency

The NFL's four-month player lockout suspended all personnel operations except for the rookie draft—signings, trades, all of it. With labor peace declared today, that process will be condensed down to a hectic few weeks, and can dramatically reshape the rosters in Madden NFL 12.

By way of that video, and a "Free Agent Forecast" web feature, EA Sports is sending the message they're on top of things. Madden NFL 12 is probably close to gold master right now, with its base roster already finaled, and even if it isn't, it's highly unlikely that all of the personnel moves to come would finish in time to make it on the disc.

Add to that the fact that the release date was moved to one week before the NFL's opening week, shortening the window for preseason roster support, and that makes Madden's first roster update of even greater importance. So the "Free Agent Forecast," where you can see players in the uniform of their potential next team, will have to do for now. But it does communicate that the game's developers are watching this as closely as their fans are.

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Free Agent Forecast [EA Sports]

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I finally broke down and got a ps3 a couple months ago, (mostly due to my frustration about Red Dead Redemption not being avail on PC) and I was eagerly awaiting getting back into some Madden NFL which I hadn't played since '08. Well imagine my surprise and disappointment when trying other EA sports titles (Fight Night, Tiger Wood PGA) how much of their sports titles offer over DLC what should be included in the game and even worse, the ability to pay for stat increases/advantages for online play. What's the point of online competition if people can pay for advantages? The DLC I was willing to suck up as that is where the industry is, but paying for advantages in online play ruined EA sports for me.

Happily, the Red Dead Redemption alone was worth it. (But L.A. Noire was not)