Madden 13 Puts the QB on His Back—and He Still Throws a Touch-downnnnnn

One feature of the new "Infinity Engine" physics system introduced in Madden NFL 13 is the fact that the game knows when the ballcarrier's knee has hit the turf. Evidently, Cleveland's Brandon Weeden's never did here in a game between two teams that have never won the Super Bowl.

After getting sandwiched by the pass rush, Weeden rolls off his defender without touching the ground, stands up, plants his feet and bombs it 75 yards to Ben Watson for the touchdown. Can this really happen? We've reached out to Mike Pereira, former NFL supervisor of officials and currently an analyst for Fox Sports, for a ruling.

Either way, Brandon Weeden just joined Greeeeeeeeg Jennings in the pantheon of Players Who Put Da Team On Their Back, Doe, and Do This Shit, For Madden.


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If a player is on the ground, their body acts just like the ground. If you are laying on the ground, you are considered down. So laying on that player should have been considered down as well. Seems like a game error =/