Madden 11 Demo Hits July 27

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The Madden NFL 11 demo will release July 27, and in addition to five minute quarters, it will feature adjustable AI sliders, unlockables, and an early redeemable achievement.


Create and save a game plan - the new prioritization engine that brings up plays in the streamlined GameFlow mode - and when you pop in the retail disc on Aug. 11 you'll get the 5 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy "Master Strategist" honor. That's not all. Downloading and playing the demo delivers the unique Jets Stadium card in Madden Ultimate Team - a game mode that ships free with this year's title.


Further, in years past the game demo delivered no audio; this year you can hear Chris Collinsworth and new play-by-play man Gus Johnson calling the action.

The demo goes out over both console download serveices on July 27, and will feature the Indianapolis Colts at the New York Jets, a matchup chosen by fan voting earlier in the year. The game will be played with 5 minute quarters in clear weather under afternoon skies. The game's four different difficulty levels will also be available.

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Wow, free Ultimate Team for Madden? They could have made a killing on that if they charged the same $5 they do for FIFA.