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Madden 11 Demo Could Be Your Last Chance to See Brett Favre

Illustration for article titled emMadden 11/em Demo Could Be Your Last Chance to See Brett Favre

Ordinarily, sports demos match up the participants of the championship game from the preceding year. This time EA Sports is putting its Madden NFL 11 pairing up to a vote, raising the possibility of an intriguing outcome.


That could be Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre appearing in the game demo but not in its full release. Favre of course hasn't committed to returning to the team next year and may finally hang up his cleats - for the third time. But Favre is still under contract to the Vikings, which means he still appears on their roster for this series until such time as he finalizes his retirement, which he could do before Madden 11's release in August.

Favre's Vikings are in one of three matchups fans may vote on through the Madden home page. A rematch of the Minnesota-New Orleans NFC Championship game is currently polling second. A pairing of the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts, the AFC Championship participants, is in first place as of now. A rematch of the Saints and Colts, which the Saints won in February's Super Bowl, is third.


EA Sports will announce the winning matchup on April 22, the day before the NFL Draft.

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So close, Brett, so close.

Now we have to deal with Jackson right?