If you're like me, you watched Mad Men and lamented the fact that the hit AMC Show takes place before the dawn of home video game consoles. Can you imagine too-cool ad execs Don Draper and Roger Sterling in a pitch meeting for the Atari 2600? "So, all it does is move that thing on my TV? How're we gonna sell that?" Alas, such a plotline probably won't come to pass but an interactive YouTube video game gives us the next best thing.

Created by The Fine Bros, it's a mash-up of old-school Nintendo games with casually sexist careerism. Picking up where Season 4 of Mad Men left off, the game casts players as Don Draper himself, with the silver-tongued pitchman being the only one who can pull the ad firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce out of dire straits.


However, pixellated Don needs to max out his confidence, inner peace and idea stats before he can save the day. To do that, you'll need to make crucial decisions in conversations with various show characters to boost those Draper-tastic qualities.

It's a hilarious homage to Matthew Weiner's slim-suited period piece with three different endings waiting for you, depending on how you smooth-talk your way through the office Be warned that the game's got a few mild spoilers lurking so you may want to until you're caught up to play. If Betty doesn't get to fire a rifle outside the SCDP offices when Season 5 starts on Sunday, I'm going to be disappointed in everyone.