The legendary Fender Telecaster comes to life and is quickly beaten half to death in Mad Catz new Rock Band Wireless Fender Telecaster ‘Player's Edition' guitar for the Xbox 360.

More than just an extremely pretty face, the Fender Telecaster 'Player's Edition' comes complete with fast-action ‘Shredderz' fret buttons, an exclusive addition to the model with a rapid action that the company says is perfect for difficult solos. The Telecaster also has four different methods for kicking Rock Band into overdrive - the optional Electro-Harmonix Overdrive Pedal, the back tuning button, the old-fashioned tilt mechanism, and a new touch sensitive pickup, conveniently located above the strum bar.

The Telecaster retails for $109.99 and is now shipping to stores across North America. It's a little on the pricey side, but it sure has a hell of a lot of character.