Mad Catz' engineers have gone insane.

I can't blame them. I'd go insane too if everything I designed was labeled with some bizarre acronym, like the R.A.T. mice, F.R.E.Q.TE gaming headset or this, the L.Y.N.X.9 Mobile Hybrid Controller.

The Lynx (without dots and caps to preserve my sanity) is an Android and PC gaming controller in three parts — the left wing, right wing and the central controller brain. Here it is in its natural resting state.

Open it up and you've got a game controller with all the standard bells and whistles, as well as some non-standard bells and whistles like a mouse sensor pad and a built-in microphone for voice search. It's just in a really odd form. Yannick LeJaq said it looks like a Michael Bay Transformer, but he thinks everything looks like a Michael Bay Transformer.


Slap on the included QWERTY keyboard attatchment and you've got a handy input device for your Android microconsole or PC game chat.


Connect the phone clip and you've got an alien robot with a phone for a head.

Then things start getting weird. You can break the Lynx apart, attach it to the included tablet stand and turn an up to seven inch Android tablet into this freaky-looking thing.


All of this, plus the Lynx comes standard with an HDMI cable so you can take the controller off of the tablet stand and hook the device to your television for big-screen gaming.


Don't worry, it only looks like it could come to life and kill you. Or at least they don't mention that in the press release — through really, why would they?

All of this alien technology can be yours for the price of a couple hundred cups of coffee when it ships in March, because Mad Catz isn't afraid to produce frightening technology for a niche market and charge $300 for it.