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Mad Catz Making Official Street Fighter IV Controllers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Typically when a Mad Catz controller press release crosses my desk I don't spend much time worrying over it. But this, this is much different. Mad Catz today announced that they've secured the license to make controllers and accessories for a number of Capcom games including Bionic Commando, Resident Evil 5 and (gasp) Street Fighter IV. That's right, Mad Catz are making the Street Fighter IV fighting sticks. I hope that makes you as nervous as that makes me. I've never been a big fan of Street Fighter on a console. Why? Because frankly it's not a game meant for console gaming. Sure you can play around with it at home, but SF is a arcade cabinet game and it always will be. Don't bother arguing with me, I will stubbornly refuse to listen and may even start making blah, blah, blah noises. So when I started talking to the Capcom folks about Street Fighter IV (Ok, gushing), I told them how I fully expect the console version to suck. Really suck. No Brian, they told me, that's not true. Wait until you see the controllers. They're really going to be something special. Then comes the news today, Mad Catz is making them. Lies, LIES, I tell you. But after a bit of hyperventilating I touched base with some friends in the know and have been reassured (at least they tried to) that the controllers are still going to be filled with delicious awesome. I wait, arms crossed sternly in front of chest, to be surprised.Press Release: Mad Catz to make Street Fighter IV line of controllers SAN DIEGO - (Business Wire) Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (AMEX/TSX: MCZ), a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, announced today that it has secured a license from Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, to produce branded controllers and accessories based on the Street Fighter® IV, Bionic Commando® and Resident Evil® 5 videogame properties. The agreement gives Mad Catz North American and European rights to a range of accessories for all current videogame platforms, including the PC. "We are excited to partner with Capcom to create branded controllers and accessories based on three of the videogame industry's most popular and enduring franchises," said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. "We look forward to offering unique and exciting accessories to fans of these games, as we continue to grow and diversify what we believe to be the industry's leading portfolio of branded videogame accessories." "This is a real collaboration between Mad Catz and Capcom," said Germaine Gioia, senior vice president, licensing, Capcom. "We are developing a broad variety of game peripherals for a wide game-playing audience — from the casual to the most loyal, core fan. These innovative peripherals will maximize the overall experience that comes from playing Capcom games." About Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. Mad Catz is a global leader in providing innovative peripherals for the interactive entertainment industry. Mad Catz designs and markets accessories for videogame systems and publishes videogame software, including the industry-leading GameShark videogame enhancements, under its Mad Catz, GameShark and Joytech brands. Mad Catz also designs and markets mice, keyboards, headsets, PC gaming controllers and other PC peripherals through its Saitek brand, and develops, manufactures and markets proprietary portable earphones under its AirDrives brand. Mad Catz distributes its products through most of the leading retailers offering interactive entertainment products and has offices across Canada, Europe and Asia. For additional information please go to, as well as,, and