Macross PSP Trailer

We've had our PSPs dusted off for a few weeks now in anticipation of this. Same for our emergency Japanese catchphrase guides, along with the URLs of our favourite Japanese importers. Because really, if you're a Macross fan, how can this not already look like the best thing to happen to the PSP?

[via Matix @ NeoGAF]

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I adore Macross-the original series, not that jacked up crap they've got on now-and while I'd like to be excited for this game, I fear that, like Gundam, no one will ever really get the formula right. All that footage was, was centered-camera flying and spinning, most of which seemed to happen in space where you can't even tell the distance you're flying if you can't even turn the camera for a point of reference. I appreciate the effort they've put in by including all the important Macross series and fighter models, but I just can't put my faith into this one.