Machinarium Follow-Up Botanicula Gets Release Date, Looks Adorable

Man, I want to play Botanicula. Amanita Design won me over forever with their splendid adventure game Machinarium, and I've been looking forward to its follow-up Botanicula ever since I first heard about it.

Today, Amanita announced that Botanicula will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux on April 19th. No word on an iOS release.

Take a look at this trailer and you'll see what I'm talking about. Can't wait for this one.

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I really liked everything about Machinarium other than some of the puzzles. While some were great and felt like they fit like in Riven, others were just some form of logic puzzle that were difficult but not uncommon. It's like Bioware throwing that Tower of Hanoi puzzle into another game.

Still looking forward to this.