Lush New Motorstorm 2 Screens Emerge

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The UK's PSW Magazine has a slew of gorgeous new screenshots of the highly anticipated follow-up to last year's PlayStation 3 racer Motorstorm, which show off just how far the developers have come since those first stumbling steps on the PS3. The new island local looks suitably tropical, the characters have a great deal more character, and overall the environments look like they'd be a joy to tear up. Hit up the link for the full gallery.
New Motorstorm 2 screens [CVG]


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okenny :) ...building bridges (to hide under)

Some of the stuff in the gallery are clearly concept art but of the stuff that looks CG, I'm not sure why some people are calling them bullshot. No question that it looks good because it does but I wouldn't go and call these images technically impressive. One of Motorstorms key to success and stunning visuals can be attributed to excellent post-processing effects like motion blur and soft filters. The only other game that uses these sorta filters as excessively are Haze and F.E.A.R. The effects have to be used right or they risk being annoying: Motorstorm uses them right.

What actually catches my interest is what the satellite shot of the island hints at. I'd love to see how they handle the LOD (Level Of Detail) transition. It's nice the way Ace combat does it but it clearly doesn't take the final to levels of detail that would be required to put you at ground-level Motorstorm quality (the trade-off being that they can represent a much larger terrain). That's definitely what's technically intriguing about the shots if what they suggest is true.