Lupin the Third Is Ready to Steal Your Television

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Anime Lupin the Third, one of the greatest things ever, is returning to television with a new series. It's the first new Lupin anime series on TV in 27 years.


Dubbed Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the anime follows the exploits of Fujiko Mine, the anime's iconic female character. This new episodes will center on her.

Sayo Yamamoto, of Michiko e Hatchin fame, is directing the series. She is the first female in a long line of male directors, such as Hayao Miyazaki, to direct Lupin.

The 13-episode anime kicks off Apr. 4. It looks to be rather sexy.

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I agree with others that the lead image is NSFW. So, here's an edited version that covers up those pesky NSFW guns.