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Lumines Supernova Next Week With Free Holiday Cheer

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The latest version of Q Entertainments blockbusting puzzle series, Lumines Supernova, is due out next week on the PlayStation Network, with a free Holiday skin pack available for a limited time.


Tuesday, December 23rd sees the release of Lumines Supernova in North America, finally bringing the game that launched Sony's PSP to the PlayStation 3. It features a couple of new modes and some new skins to keep things fresh, including the LittleBigPlanet skin, which you can see in motion below.

Launching alongside Supernova will be a Free Holiday Pack, containing 20 seasonal skins so you can convince your loved ones that you're still in the spirit of things despite being glued to the television for hours on end, making little colored squares.


Lumines Supernova Next Week With Free Holiday Cheer

Lumines Supernova Next Week With Free Holiday Cheer


LUMINES Supernova, the latest installment to the blockbuster franchise, is arriving next Tuesday, December 23, and comes packed with brand new skins and new modes, exclusive to the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. To add to the excitement, Q Entertainment has teamed up with Media Molecule, the creators of LittleBigPlanet™ to create a special LittleBigPlanet themed skin which can be played in the Challenge Mode!

LUMINES Supernova combines puzzles, block-dropping beats and video entertainment to create an addictively-fun gameplay experience that will keep you playing day after day. The game offers 40 skins in the Challenge Mode alone, with several brand new skins keeping the Lumines experience fresh. Choose from several different single player modes, battle it out with a friend or create your own background music in the all-new Sequencer Mode.


A collection of 20 seasonal skins will be offered for free, for a limited time only. The stylish skins come alive with heavy metal, UK rock, gabber tracks – the pack features a little something for everyone!

Game Features / Modes:

* Skins, skins and more new skins: Enjoy unlimited gameplay and unlock up to 40 stylish skins in Challenge Mode, including brand new skins

* All-new Dig Down Mode: Using the falling blocks, erase squares from a playfield already filled with blocks as you dig down to the bottom. Show off your digging skills as your completion time is ranked based on clearing 20 consecutive stages

* All-new Sequencer Mode: Create your own background music using the sound loops provided in the "Sound Bank" – drums, bass, synthesizer 1, synthesizer 2 and effects each come with 20 different loops

* Skin Edit Mode: Customize your Lumines experience by creating your own playlist with your favorite skins

* Time Attack Mode: Test your skills and see how many blocks you can erase in a given amount of time and compete with your own record

* Puzzle / Mission Mode: Act quickly with the falling blocks to create shapes/designs and clear the playing field in just a few moves (100 puzzles and 50 missions)

* 2-Player Battle (local): Battle your friends head-to-head using skins cleared in Challenge Mode

* Trophy Support: Comes with full trophy support

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Crap! Now I have to pick this up.

I may try and get points back off from this game (and all my other XBL games) since the 360 refuses to let other gamertags on my console play the XBL games. It won't even let me play games I bought with my gamertag unless I'm hooked online.