Not only is Luke "Power Man" Cage super strong with unbreakable skin, he's got the ability to summon his Heroes for Hire allies to his side in Marvel Heroes update 1.3, giving folks a whole new way to play.

Gazillion could have easily made Cage just another super-strong bruiser, but that's not what the character is about. He's about the bonds of friendship and community that bring us all together. Power Man's true power is the ability to bring people together to fight for a cause. He's an inspiration to the common man. He's the spirit of the city streets.

So yeah, he's about more than just hitting things, though he does that well.

And Marvel Heroes update 1.3 is about more than Luke Cage, though it does him well. It's also about Prestige Mode, allowing level 60 players to start over at level 1 with bragging rights. There's the Hero Synergy System, which unlocks account-wide bonuses for every hero at levels 25 and 50, giving players more reason to level everybody they fan. Odin is handing out legendary quests, and then there's some new costumes....

Yep, Lady Deadpool.

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