Lufia II DS Trailer Looks Like This

We've already seen how the Lufia II remake is giving the game's hero a makeover. Now let's have a look at the game's actual trailer. So here it is, the game's trailer. Right now.

Thanks Men!


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Project Thanatos

I've taken a read through the numerous comments and arguments posted throughout this thread.

The Lufia series was a HUGE series in my gaming education as I grew up. Amidst FF4, FF6, Lagoon, Illusion of Gaia, Earthbound, etc. The turn based system Lufia implemented was one of the biggest attractive elements of the game. Like most RPGs, stat management was especially important in Lufia. Especially so with niche characters like Guy who hit like a tank but was slow as a slug. Having this "remake" turned into a realtime RPG limits numerous aspects of what made the Lufia series so much fun.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be buying and playing this game. I just don't see how it is suppose to appeal to fans of this IP when it seems so alien. The look doesn't even adhere to the series. While I can understand why the need to attract a new generation of gamers to the IP is needed, I think such drastic changes are detrimental to the series when applied to a "remake" rather than an extension of the series.

Again though, I will be purchasing and playing this game, so time will ultimately tell whether justice is done to the series.