Lucy In the Sky With Vestibular Disease

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From: Crecente
Re: Why Do People Press Buttons Twice And Thrice?


This morning I was on the phone with Totilo talking over some things when my wife called for me. Lucy, our 15-year-old Border Collie, had collapsed when walking up the deck stairs and couldn't get up. I ran down and carried her up. Once she was on her bed she tried standing but she fell over again. Then she started drooling and leaning to the side. We were convinced that she had had a massive stroke so we dropped Tristan at a neighbor and rushed her to the vet.

Turns out she has Vestibular Disease, which causes intense vertigo and is idiopathic, meaning they don't have a clue what causes it. The vet gave use a bunch of meds for her and said it would go away in a few days.


Scary. We've had Lucy for 10 years. I remember picking her up from a shelter a week or so after Trish moved from Australia to Florida to move in with me. Lucy was her constant companion as she dealt with intense homesickness and began to make new friends.

It felt great to be able to tell Tristan that she was fine when he came home from school, but I know we're getting to the point where that won't always be the case.

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I know how you feel Crecente. A few weeks ago my Cat stopped eating and kept being sick. Thankfully it was just a stomach bug but I was really worried. She's such a sweet cat. I once woke up to find her sitting on my chest meowing in a really painful kind of way. I think she thought I was dead. It was the sweetest thing ever :)