Lucky Man Gets The Stanley Parable's Voice To Narrate His Wedding Proposal

Chad Oliver
Chad Oliver

If you play games, you’ve thought about which voice actor you want to narrate your daily goings-on. For me, it’s GLaDOS. She’s reciting a fruit tart recipe. For Kotaku reader Chad Oliver, it’s The Stanley Parable’s Kevan Brighting, and he’s narrating his marriage proposal.


On Oliver and his now-fiancee Morgaine’s 8-year anniversary in November, Oliver proposed. He coordinated all his friends and family into the auditorium where the couple met, and where Kevan Brighting’s distinctive, syrupy voice narrated maybe the cutest proposal ever:

Oliver and Morgaine’s relationship survived Oliver’s diagnosis of Stage 4 kidney failure, which forced him to find a kidney donor. Between the diagnosis and the transplant, Oliver wrote his girlfriend video game-themed love letters on the regular.

“Well apparently I gave enough ruppees to the Great Fairy because a cousin of mine ended up being a match for my transplant about 5 months after getting put on the waiting list!” Oliver told Kotaku. “So while I waited for a new kidney and already started a Facebook group to plan my proposal with close friends, I decided to write Morgaine letters as if they were from her favorite video game characters.” He sent one every major holiday from late 2013 to the day before his transplant on June 24th, 2014.

The letters will melt you:


The transplant was successful. Afterwards, once Oliver’s life stabilized, he contacted William Pugh, who helped design The Stanley Parable, for which the deep-voiced Kevan Brighting was a narrator. He agreed.

“It was very romantic,” Oliver wrote. “It was almost like a disembodied voice wasn’t narrating this deeply personal moment.”

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