LucasArts Was Really Good At Canceling Star Wars Games

The latest video from GVMERS takes a look back at all of the Star Wars games that never saw the light of day. Consider it a eulogy for a galaxy far, far away still littered with what-ifs.


Starting with Return of the Jedi: Ewok Adventure planed for the Atari and going all the way up through Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Who among us hasn’t caught ourselves late at night pining for the Chewbacca-staring adventure game that didn’t even get a working title? And then of course there was Knights of the Old Republic 3, Star Wars: 1313, and a number of other mothballed projects that seemed to sure bets at the time. Battlefront III was so widely anticipated that fans decided to make their own version.

As GVMERS notes, “It’s always disappointing to see games with huge potential left on the cutting room floor.”

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Knights of the Old Republic 3



Or just any new Star Wars RPG, really. I’m not choosy.

(But if they could bring some of that KotOR II, ‘what if the Force were actually maybe a horrifying eldritch abomination that holds all life in its thrall?’ energy, well, that’d be just peachy.)