Lovers' Quarrel Ends With A Face Full Of Wii

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An Oregon couple discovered an unexpected benefit of being a Wii gamer earlier this week: When your drunken girlfriend hurls the console in your face, it does less damage than an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

According to her boyfriend, 31-year-old Rebecca Varina Sloskowski was intoxicated on the evening of January 10, so he left her apartment between the hours of 7PM and 11PM to let her cool off.

This never works, incidentally. Leaving an angry female to cool off only gives them more time to think up horrible things to do to you in response, like throwing video game consoles.


Upon returning to his girlfriend's apartment, Sloskowski allegedly became violent, picking up various objects and throwing them at him until she finally hurled the four pound gaming console, hitting him square in the face. The victim suffered a swollen lip and two chipped teeth.

Police were called to the scene, and Sloskowski was arrested and charged with second degree assault.

I'm guessing the charge would have been the same no matter what video game console she threw in his face. I bet she's kicking herself right now for not purchasing the original PlayStation 3.

Wii can't control this []

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It's amazing how much we let women get away with sometimes.

An ex used to do similar things to me. If our genders were reversed she would've gotten her teeth punched in by now.

But nooooo. She's a girl so she's allowed to do things that would normally get a man in a whole lot of trouble.

All the screaming and yelling and hysterics and name calling and punching and throwing breakable objects around... They always believe they're in the right and won't stop pushing for their side until you don't have the energy to say 'no' anymore.

Women can call abuse centers and get a man charged for things like this. But us men, we're 'strong' so we can take it.

I'm tired of being strong.