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Love To Log Into Overwatch And Play Some Tetris

Illustration for article titled Love To Log Into iOverwatch/i And Play Some iTetris/i

Someone made Tetris using the Overwatch workshop. It’s pretty incredible.

The Overwatch workshop allows players to make custom modes by altering in-game scripts, and players have already been making some nifty things with it. To me, this latest creation is more than just nifty. This is Tetris. Somebody put a whole-ass other game in this game.


For the Tetris purists, this version is not quite an exact replica. Creator Ochotonida said on Reddit that they had used various workarounds in order to still include some options for players to use certain Tetris techniques, such as “wall kicks,” where a block will rotate into another space if it’s just landed and there’s no room to rotate.


“I and O pieces spawn one more tile to the left due to how my implementation works and because I couldn’t be bothered to make an exception for those two,” Ochotonida wrote. “Wall kicks seemed rather complicated to implement, so I only implemented a very basic system that allows J, L, S and Z pieces to kick to the left or right.”

So, it’s not a perfect version of Tetris, but it’s more Tetris than Overwatch had previously. If you want to check it out for yourself, the code is X236D.

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Man Overwatch is so lucky to have so much old school Blizz dev support with the likes of Jeff Kaplan et al at the helm. They have a deep knowledge of and love for custom maps and modes, from the heyday in the 90's. This kinda crazy alt-mode/other-game-made-in-the-game stuff is the exact sort of thing that, you know, invented entire multi-billion dollar genres like Tower Defense and frigging DOTA.

I absolutely adore the efforts put in by mod creators within Blizzard’s robust creation tools. The adage of old rings true: limitation breeds creativity. It’s so much more impressive that this guy made a whole different game inside this game than it would be if he just remade Tetris from scratch, because he only has so many tools available to him than he might otherwise have. Not to mention the fact that you’re basically given the entire library of the given game’s assets to work with and do whatever you want with, so that’s a great shortcut for budding designers and coders who aren’t so artistically savvy.

Working in the industry myself, I and countless others I know cut their teeth on projects like these but for StarCraft 1/2 and WarCraft 2/3.

Long live the Custom Games! :D