Love Simulator Gets Real Adult Movie Parody

It was inevitable, bound to happen. There's now a Japanese adult video knock off of Konami's 2009 love simulator Love Plus. The alarming thing isn't the porn parody, but rather, that it's taken this long!

(Massage parlors were quicker.)


The flick is called "Love Chaku-Ero Plus" and stars Uta Kohaku. She's no stranger to parody — in fact, her entire adult video career pretty much hinges on it.

Kohaku rose to prominence thanks to her resemblance to AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda, something that was played up in another blue movie. The actresses website is even called "Uta Piece", and features a reworking of the One Piece logo and, well, Uta in a micro bikini.


Love Plus caused a sensation when it was released back in 2009. A sequel, a manga and an arcade version followed, and the game even featured in national TV spots for the Nintendo DSi XL. A Nintendo 3DS Love Plus game is in the works.


Love Chaku-Ero Plus, the adult send-up of Love Plus, is out next month in Japan.

前田敦子似が登場するラブプラス・パロディAV 『LOVE着エロプラス』 [NSFW スピードネーター]

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