Love Plus Has Your Virtual Girlfriend Experience Covered

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Konami's upcoming DS dating sim Love Plus is anything but your typical dating sim game. It's a dating sim plus.


The first part of the game is standard fare: Players court three girls, trying to get them to fall in love. That's where most dating sims end — Love Plus is just getting started.

The second half is open ended. You've already got the girl, now what do you want to do? Want to touch her on her forehead, cheeks, arms, etc. via the touch pad? You can email her, call her via the DS mic and study together.

Players can set how they want their girlfriend to address them, and over time, she modifies to match the players' likes and dislikes. The way she speaks will even change slowly over the course of the game.

Love Plus, which is scheduled for release this summer, runs on a real time clock, and there's no actual ending to the game. The DS title is packed with over 5,000 scripts, 150 CG events and 25,000 voice expressions. See? Plus!

Konami is serious about Love Plus [Canned Dogs]


Frosted Mini-Wheats

I would totally buy this if I spoke Japanese and knew for certain that nobody would EVER find out.

So yeah, not going to happen.