If you look at a red and black square with two white dots and immediately think "Mickey Mouse", then Icon Pop Quiz is for you.

Reducing beloved pop culture characters, television shows and movies into simple colored squares is officially a thing, and where there's an official thing there's a game. In this case it's Alegrium's collection of more than 400 icons, assembled by category and difficulty and set loose for you to identify.

Identifying is done by typing out words, which can be a little problematic—Bart Simpson was wrong, but Bart was correct. The game is also riddled with ads, pulling the player out of the experience at every turn. The ads are especially annoying as the game links to a store where merchandise featuring the icons can be purchased, from t-shirts to iPhone cases. One would think that would be enough to release a simple free app.

You can purchase ad removal in-game for $1.99, thankfully, making Icon Pop Quiz an uninterrupted good time. The ads aren't insufferable, but the icons look so much better without them.


Pop Icon Quiz — Free [iTunes]