Love For Everyone On January 7th

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Eskil Steenberg's procedurally-generated online adventure game is coming along quite nicely, and he's spreading the Love around later this week with the launch of the "feature complete" open beta.

According to a new post on Eskil's Quel Solaar website, the Love open beta is arriving weeks ahead of schedule due to new infrastructure he's introduced to the game, allowing him to add features or make changes at a very fast rate. That doesn't mean the game will be without bugs, and Eskil expects a large number of patches and fixes in the coming weeks. Still, the game is now "feature complete," featuring a ton of new "new cool stuff" that should come as a surprise to folks who played the alpha version of the game.


Alpha players have access to the beta test as we speak, but the whole world opens up on January 7th when the open beta launches. You should probably bookmark the Love join page, which is currently closed but will open for business on Thursday.

Also, unlike many MMO beta tests, there is a cost of 3 Euros (about $4.25) a month, but other MMO games aren't maintained by a single man who has to recover costs somehow.

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick rewrite it. [Quel Solaar via Blue's News]

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I'll definitely be checking this out on Thurs!

He's put a crapload of work into this project and I've always found it quite intriguing.