LotRO's New Warden and Rune Keeper Classes

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Turbine has released a new set of screenshots depicting the two new classes coming to The Lord of the Rings Online when the Mines of Moria expansion this November. The Warden is a rogue, more or less, who wields a spear and can create their own opening moves and specializes on sneaking up on foes. Meanwhile the Rune Keeper is a combination buffer / healer / caster, with the ability to do massive damage or heal massive damage depending. Minstrels all across Middle Earth are rejoicing as they will finally be able to take two steps outside of the healing role without losing their guild. I'm personally looking forward to giving the Rune Keeper a go myself. I know Tolkien wasn't big on flash-bang magic, but then Tolkien never played an MMO, now did he?


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People still play this?

I understand that people are nuts about LOTR but it doesn't feel like that world has been adapted well into video games.

I hated the RTS's that they made....it felt like the classic "you've seen the movies....NOW PLAY THE MOVIES" gimmick.

Cheers to those of you who enjoy these games though but I'm steering clear of this IP for good.