Creative Director Cardell Kerr and Ryan Bednar, lead designer, take a moment to show off two new character classes in this developer diary for Codemaster's MMO Lord of the Rings Online. The Warden is loosely based on Haldir - the well-coiffured elf who overacts his way to death in the Battle of Helms Deep (movie version). A tank character at heart, the Warden can create long combo chains to deal huge amounts of damage or destroy multiple opponents. At least one of his combo moves seems to be shouting really loudly at his opponent. I like to imagine that he is saying something like "Yo momma's so fat, she tried to fit Grond with batteries." The Runemaster is based on the character of Galadriel - only without the crucial 'resembling Cate Blanchett' perk which could be devastating if deployed against the right opponent. Rune masters can hurl around intricate looking magic composed of glowing runes or work as a healer - but not both at the same time.