Lost Planet 2's Second Map Pack Has Something Old And Something New

If we're going to complain about Modern Warfare 2 DLC including older maps, should we also complain about the return of the original Lost Planet's Frozen Wasteland as one of two maps in Lost Planet 2's second map pack?

There are a couple of major differences between Lost Planet 2's second map pack, due out on June 1 for the PlayStation 3 and June 2 for the Xbox 360. For one, it isn't $15, or $3.75 a map. With only two maps - Frozen Wasteland and Dockyard Battle - the price averages out to $2.50, which seems fair, all things considered.

Secondly, it's not Activision and Modern Warfare 2. It's Capcom and Lost Planet 2, and as silly as it may sound, I think the temperament between fans of the two companies is different enough that this won't be that big of a deal.


Am I wrong?


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