Lost Planet 2 Lets You Spank Your Own Custom Ass

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In Lost Planet 2 there is no main character, instead you are the main character, one that can be customized and made to spank him or herself in a square studded helmet and chain-framed bikini.

"We prepared a very detailed customization system that will allow you to create your own character," said Capcom's Jun Takeuchi. "So you can create your own character and put it together in the game and you yourself become the main character of the game."


Lost Planet 2 allows you to select your character's head model, body model, back pack and legs. You can also make the character a man or a woman.

"Every one of the parts will have many dozens of variations in them," Takeuchi said. "You can also change the color of each part."


As he spoke the character quickly slipped between an eclectic, and sometimes bizarre, selection of body parts including a square helmet with spikes, what appeared to be a fully enclosed helmet based on a World War I trench helmet and a few unadorned heads.

The female body types includes quite a few revealing outfits such as a bikini with chains wrapped around the woman's bust. When the character moved her body noticeably reacted to the gravity.


The game also supports quite a few customized weapons, Takeuchi said, which can be placed in the right or left hand of the avatar. The weapons are divided into categories like normal, gun, disk and support.

Finally gamers will be able to assign gestures to their characters.

"You can have standard or flashy poses," he said, while the female avatar started grinding and humping the air and then began to smack her own ass on the television behind him. "The developers will make sure that the gestures and poses don't affect the game's rating."

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"When the character moved her body noticeably reacted to the gravity."

What? No pics/vids? Tsk tsk Kotaku... Realistic Boob Physics FTW!