Lost Planet 2 Demo Soonish

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Capcom's Lost Planet 2 is slated for this winter. So, we should expect a demo sometime between now and then, no?


LP2 producer Jun Takeuchi tells Famitsu, "I think we might be able to offer it [the demo] in a little bit." The game was in playable form at E3, and Capcom is busy developing and fine tuning the title. "Taking the E3 feedback account, the game is changing daily," says Takeuchi.

Takeuchi goes on to say that LP2 will offer things like character customization and on-the-fly co-op play, among other things.

The game seems to be timed exclusive — as confirmed by the game's official website.


『ロスト プラネット 2』の体験版配信も正式発表! 新情報満載の"MIDNIGHT LIVE 360 CAPCOM SPECIAL Vol.2" [Famitsu]


Demo? Soon? Looking forward to it. Now all that remains is to see whether Capcom was lying or not on the Playstation Blog about it being a day and date release.

Capcom does lie a lot, so it wouldn't be too surprising...but they're not as totally untrustworthy as Square Enix, either...hmm. We'll see.