In 1996, Atari started work on a Beavis & Butt-Head arcade game. It tested poorly, was never completed and few of the 12 prototype machines were believed to be alive and obtainable. Until Galloping Ghost Arcade got their hands on one and got it working again.

Built using 3DO-based hardware and incomplete at the time of its cancellation, the cabinetā€”#9 of 12ā€”has been repaired and is now part of the Chicago arcadeā€™s collection. Bizarrely, because of the weird hardware the game was built on, they actually had to go out and buy an old 3DO console to get the parts they needed.

While itā€™s not the only surviving version of the game, itā€™s thought to be the only one thatā€™s going to be regularly playable in an arcade.

You can see an older videoā€”likely taken at one of the other cabinetā€™s regular appearance at the California Arcade Experienceā€”of Beavis & Butt-Head in action below.

(via Arcade Heroes)