Losing At Video Games Makes This Man Better

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Normally, throwing one's controller into one's pool is not recommended. But, if that action can be linked to success in non-gaming endeavors, maybe you should do it. It works for one successful person interviewed recently by The Oklahoman.

The newspaper was profiling Kevin Durant, guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder has chucked his controller many a times while playing games such as NBA 2K10.

Star player he may be on the real basketball court, but it seems that he stinks on the virtual one.


He's put his lack of gaming skills to good use.

He told the paper:

"People might not believe me, but when I go home (after practice) I play video games and I lose all the time," Durant said. "And I get so mad that I come back and I want to win everything. Something that small puts that winning mentality into my head."

That quote ran in the paper on Friday. That night, Durant scored 25 points against the Detroit Pistons, leading his team to victory. See? Controller-throwing pays off.

Kevin Durant finds the key to winning [The Oklahoman]

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Hoorah! Finally, a post about something OK related! :D #nba