Lordran, The Setting of Dark Souls, Almost Entirely Redrawn

From Firelink Shrine, where you first set foot in Lordran upon your arrival from the Asylum, to Blighttown and the Demon Ruins, it's all there. Well, almost all there.


The image was created by redditor tettix over the course of about three months, who shared it recently in the r/darksouls subreddit. It's incomplete and may never be finished since, as tettix says, "the worst parts of the game are also the worst parts to slog through illustrating." Unfinished or not, this is one amazing piece of art.

Here's the entire thing. Have fun zooming in!

Illustration for article titled Lordran, The Setting of iDark Souls/i, Almost Entirely Redrawn

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I was expecting the magical Ash Lake :(