Lord of the Rings Online’s Riders of Rohan Expansion Coming Later This Year

Lord of the Rings Online will be debuting a new expansion year that raises the level cap to 85, and rolls out new encounters based on key events in the Tolkien epic's fiction. Warner Brothers Interactive says that Riders of Rohan will be twice as big as the MMO's Rise of Isengard add-on. True to its name, Riders of Rohan will introduce mounted combat, too, when it arrives this fall.


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i'm still stuck in Moria. i really don't like it, and yet the quest chain sent me right back when it looked like i was finally free from it.

Btw. what exactly do i need to buy on the lotro store to get the full isengard experience when i already have the lifetime membership and everything that comes with it?I'm not interested in end-game dungeons though