Lord of the Rings Conquest Trailer

Pandemic's attempt at Battlefrontin' the LOTR franchise, The Lord of The Rings: Conquest, is looking rather pleasing. I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising that bits of this trailer look so cinematic - much of the third film was essentially a really well done cut scene, after all. Notable features here: 1) it does look a bit odd seeing Middle Earth wizards actually doing magic of the fingerzappy death ray variety 2) That Ent looks a lot more like a really angry pot plant than I remember from the films.

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Gah, why do they have to base all the games on the films, rather than the trilogy of books? Games like Lord of the Rings Online, and The Fellowship of the Ring were based on the lore Tolkien created, and they were great games. The only saving grace here is that the game includes the official film soundtrack, which I think does a great job of capturing the wonder of Tolkien's Middle Earth.