Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Demo Hits 360

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Xbox 360 owners now get to taste the delicious flavor of large scale battles over the fate of Middle Earth as the demo for EA and Pandemic's Lord of the Rings Conquest hits Live.

Out for the PlayStation 3 for a good week and a half now, the Lord of the Rings: Conquest demo is now available on the Xbox 360, allowing players to try out the Star Wars: Battlefront style gameplay in Tolkien's fantastical world of Hobbits and Orcs. It's a multiplayer demo, but since this is a Middle Earth game I'm sure they'll keep the racial epitaphs strictly in-character.

The 1.25GB download is available right now, giving players plenty to do over the remainder of the long holiday weekend. Enjoy!


Demo: Lord of the Rings: Conquest™ Multiplayer Demo [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]

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This game, judging by the demo, is a massive failure. Not only is it a completely terrible game, with broken, unbalanced mechanics, and hideous, shades-of-brown graphics, but it makes a mockery of the detailed mythology that Tolkien created. What's the point of it even being set in Middle-Earth if they blatantly disregard all the rules and established mythology, and just start making shit up, or replacing things with DnD bullshit? There were no "ancient fire swords," the only invisibility was the invisibility granted by the ring, and there were only a few goddamn wizards! Gandalf and Saruman and the other wizards were minor gods, for fucks sake! The game is a fucking travesty and EA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Tolkien's name to be defiled like this. And if their idea of an epic battle is 40 people, then they need to have their heads examined.