Loot Crate's $150 Amiibo Subscription Deal Is Certainly Something

Last week Nintendo announced it was teaming up with stuff-in-a-box subscription service Loot Crate to offer fans a different way to purchase Amiibo figures. Now we know the pricing for the deal, and spending $155 to $165 on $130 worth of figures is definitely different.

Loot Crate is actually a rather nifty little service, especially if you're the sort of person who wanders the streets every payday looking for some fine science fiction or gaming swag to add to your shelves. I'd probably save enough in gas to justify blind delivers of stuff.


But when the deliveries aren't so blind, as in the three-crate Amiibo figure subscription, I'm not sure I see the point.

I guess maybe it's the installment plan? Sometimes three payments of $50 plus $5 shipping and handling is better than dumping $130 all at once. The lump-sum $140 payment plus $15 shipping makes slightly less sense.

Here's what comes in the crates:

  • Crate One: 4 Amiibo figures, a collectible mini-mag, and an exclusive sticker & wristband.
  • Crate Two: 4 Amiibo figures, a collectible mini-mag, plus an exclusive cinch bag.
  • Crate 3: The final 2 Amiibo figures, a collectible mini-mag, plus an ultra rare t-shirt.

Judging by the shots on the Loot Crate site (via Polygon) the figures are all from the first wave, and should all be readily available from regular retailers (many with free shipping) when the figures launch alongside Super Smash Bros. Wii U later this month. Update: Shame on me, Luigi and Zelda aren't first wave. This from someone who has the entire first wave on his desk right beside him.

If you're a fan of mini-mags, t-shirts, wristbands and cinch bags, I say knock yourself out. Otherwise you're porbably better off just pacing yourself.

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