Looks Like the Next Black Ops Is a Little More Modern

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Call of Duty developers Treyarch have only ever made games set in the past. Whether that be the Second World War or the Cold War, doesn't matter, their games have never seen the 1990s, let alone today. But that looks like it's set to change with the next game in the series.


What will surely be revealed as Black Ops II sometime tomorrow is already out there in the wild via marketing material, and someone has finally had the sense to take a decent photo of one of the posters.


It shows the same silhouetted man we've been seeing for a while now, only with the lights turned on, so we can actually see what he's wearing and see what he's holding.

What he's wearing is contemporary military gear, in particular Oakley Assault gloves, which you can see available for purchase here.

He's also packing a rather futuristic-looking attachment on his sidearm.

Oh, and not that this has anything to do with timing, and not that this is a surprise, but he's also American, his service flag just visible in reverse on his right arm.


This all suggests the game is at least in the ballpark of 2012. The last Black Ops game only rarely left the 1960s.

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Illustration for article titled Looks Like the Next emBlack Ops/em Is a Little More Modern

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8-Bit Quarian

Sort of off-topic but sort of not. Is MW3 worth buying at all for the PC? I played the Free Weekend on Steam and I did enjoy it quite a bit. However, the lag compensation was pretty bad and I encountered hackers more often than I'd like in an online game and there was nothing I could do about them. However, when things worked RIGHT I had a blast with it.

Should I just bypass it completely because of the flaws I mentioned above? It was rather frustrating having at least 2/5 games filled with hackers.