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There’s Morse Code on the Call of Duty Website. Here’s What It Says.

It's quick as can be but there's an obscure teaser for Activision's next big first-person shooter on the Call of Duty website.


The concentric circles on the loading screen for contain morse code. You probably know what it says already, but it's safe to consider this a sneaky sort-of confirmation from Activision. (If not, watch the video above.) Kind of an anti-climax, given all the leaks that have trickled out, but Activision could surprise everyone by revealing something different.


[Thanks, tipster Carsten!]

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Every time they announce I new one, I think "This is the one. This is the one where the bottom falls out like it did with all the music game franchises." But then it sells a hojillion copies and we're subject to more.

FPS games really need their version of Cabin in the Woods.