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Looks Like The Final Fantasy VII Re-Release Is Out Today In Europe [UPDATE: And The U.S. Too]

Illustration for article titled Looks Like The emFinal Fantasy VII/em Re-Release Is Out Today In Europe [UPDATE: And The U.S. Too]

Final Fantasy VII, once released on PC in the 90s, then accidentally re-released a few weeks ago, has been re-re-released today. At least in Europe.


Update: It's also out in the U.S. today. Here's Square Enix's press release:

In celebration of the Final Fantasy franchise's 25th anniversary, Square Enix is offering Members exclusive access to this classic at a promotional price of $9.99 through September 12. Following the introductory 30 day promotional period, Final Fantasy VII will be available for $11.99 on the Square Enix eStore.


It's currently up on Square Enix's European store for 10 euros. Seems like that will ramp up to 13 euros after the launch sale ends on September 12.

Doesn't look like Square Enix's U.S. store is selling the game yet.

This PC re-release will come with achievements, cloud saves, and a "character booster" that will allow you to pump up your characters' stats.

I've reached out to Square Enix to ask if the game will be out in America today. Will update if I hear back.

(Thanks, paracelus!)

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And me without any fucks to give. :V

Seriously though, what's the big deal with FFVII? It wasn't even particularly good at the time, it was just OMG THE NEXT FINAL FANTASY. How did that turn into perpetual nostalgia goggles? Contagious ones, too! Half the FFVII fans I've ever talked to probably couldn't READ at the time! (Some probably couldn't WALK.) How the hell do you end up wearing nostalgia goggles?!

I have never understood the popularity of FFVII...but at least I could FINISH IT. I gave up on FFVIII when I couldn't get past the fact that my character was a complete dipshit who I actually WANTED to see die horribly. (And yet that seems to be the SECOND most popular FF game for many...)

Why no love for FFIX at least? As far as I'm concerned that was the first real FF game since VI.

Anyway... Blah blah blah, get off my lawn, etc.