Looks Like That Tomb Raider Reboot Is Real

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An attorney with Nielsen has contacted Kotaku asking we remove the image of a new Lara Croft from our site, saying that the picture was leaked without their permission.


The site that originally posted the images, Four Player Co-Op, says that Crystal Dynamics also contacted them asking to take down the pictures.

Sounds like the concept art that seems to show another reboot for the long-lived franchise are real. Of course, that doesn't mean that those images, or the description included with them, will ever actually see the light of day.

Should it?

Rumor: Tomb Raider Reboot Art, Details Leaked [Kotaku]


How about instead of continually trying to reboot a decade old franchise (that should probably be left in the past anyway), why not let the clearly talented team at Crystal Dynamics try an original IP for once?

I'm getting sick of every Tomb Raider 'reboot' boiling down to a reskinned rehash with a couple of gameplay tweaks.

Let Lara die. Please.