Looks Like Somebody's Got A Hankering For Talion Meat

Ah, Shadow of Mordor orcs. So silly. And also so, so creepy when they want to be. Reddit user ootinii captured this particularly...vivid taunt from a nemesis I have yet to come across in my own orc-slaying adventures.


I'd put it right up there with insane giggling as one of the most unsettling ways an enemy can taunt you in this new game:

Also I have to wonder: what happened after this video was captured? If the player defeated the chomptacular orc, did he come back again—as so many of Mordor's orcs do? And if he did come back, what was the follow up conversation like? "Er, sorry Talion, I think we got off on the wrong foot there...next time I'll try to communicate my complex and mixed feelings about our relationship with more tact and grace than just gnashing my teeth together to mimic what I plan to do with your corpse."

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lol I killed the chomper before! Sadly he didn't come back. When I found him I briefly assumed there was a missing voice sample or something but no...no it was way better than that. I love how much personality the different captains are given. It's a little touch but it does wonders for the game when you don't hear the same line every third time you encounter a guy. It's the same deal with the background dialog changing based on what you're observed doing.