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Looks Like Somebody has a PS3 Copy of Modern Warfare 3 a Little Early

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's not just pirated, downloaded PC versions of Modern Warfare 3 that are turning up ahead of the game's November 8 release. Seemingly legitimate retail copies are now in people's hands as well.

Sure, there's the chance the above video is a fake, but if it is, it's a damn good one. There's just a bit too much menu action there for your average internet hoodwinker, even accounting for the quick edit at the intro sequence, which the poster says was cut "With respect to Infinity Ward".


Laugh at Call of Duty fans all you want, snobs, but you've got to admire the enthusiasm so many of these guys have for the game that retail copies are already making their way across the globe.

LEAKED Modern Warfare 3 Title Menu and PS3 Unboxing [Charlie intel]

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