Looks Like Grand Theft Auto V Is Ready To Be Shown To The Press

Illustration for article titled Looks Like emGrand Theft Auto V/em Is Ready To Be Shown To The Press

Grand Theft Auto V is in playable form, and at least one reporter is getting his hands on it today.


Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara wrote on Twitter today that he's at Rockstar, checking the next Grand Theft Auto game out for the magazine's December cover story.


This means we could see a release date very soon. Game Informer typically reveals its covers (along with details on the game it is showing off) during the first week of the month before the one on the issue. So we should hear more about Grand Theft Auto V in early November.

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Will the GTA V release date point us toward the next-gen Xbox/PS console release dates? Or have they actually confirmed it will be 360/PS3 only?