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Look Who's Gonna Buy Uncharted 2

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I've always wondered if Pepsi guys, on vacation with the fams, ever pull into a McDonald's and go, the hell with it, gimme a Coke. Of course, that's a smidge different from deliberately buying and complimenting a competitor's flagship product.

But give the Major his due, the Xbox Live community guru Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb has tweeted that he's going to pick up Uncharted 2. If the context of this story escapes you and you also live under a rock, the game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. And it speaks to the overall excellence of a game when your No. 1 competitor's public face says he's paying retail for it. Tweeteth the Major:

I'll have to pick up UnCharted 2 this week. It's being very well received. Congrats to @Naughty_Dog on a job well done!


Very nice gesture, but let's not make a compliment of Microsoft into something greater than the credit Naughty Dog and Sony are due. Uncharted 2 is legitimately such a great game that it can be said everyone's buying it.

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