Look, Trion Worlds Is Doing The Whole Voxel Thing Now

Pixels were great, but they were so two dimensional. Polygons were really cool, but now that developers have to license them directly from the gaming website (they do not), everybody's moving to voxels. Even Rift and Defiance developer Trion Worlds is doing it, with free-to-play online adventure RPG Trove.

While the rest of Trion was busy working on Defiance or getting fired, a small, dedicated team was playing with polygonial pixels. What they've come up with is a combination action-RPG/building tool. Imagine Cube World, only with developers who don't disappear for long stretches unless their bosses tell them to.

Trion Worlds is looking for unparalleled community interaction for Trove, which is one of the reasons you can sign up for the alpha test right now.


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