Look, Somebody Actually Made A Wii Football Controller

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Last year, a patent was uncovered for a Wii football. It had been designed by Nintendo, and yet, it was stupid. Well, looks like somebody else has beat the Big N to the market.


CTA Digital, manufacturers of cheap gaming peripherals and accessories, has released the "Soft-football for Wii", a product so stupid it couldn't even get the rights to the name "Soft Football".


The ball itself is made of soft foam. The harness for the Wii Remote is made of plastic. And it's not even a full football; because it's more of a hand-grip than a complete ball, half the thing is missing so there's room to slide your hand in.

What's worst is that this is an improvement for CTA, who already have a Wii football on the market. It's called the Wii Football. It fell down by being even stupider than the Soft-football, in that it was hard, and tried to use the football as the controller itself.

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