Remember the terrible deaths that sad little boy suffered every time you screwed up in Limbo? Would you care if it was a robot dying in lots of painful ways instead? Take a look at the brightly colored Planet of the Eyes and see if you feel any empathy for a walking computer.

The Cococucumber dev team that's making Planet of the Eyes isn't shy about calling Limbo an inspiration for their take on the puzzle-platforming genre. But it also differs from PlayDead's award-winning game in several important ways. It'll have voicework—heard in the scattered audio logs left by the robot's wayward creator—and it'll be rendered a bounty of hues. The part of me that loves old-school science-fiction graphic design and a creepy undertone to my video games is anticipating Planet of the Eyes' final release. IT's already on Steam Greenlight and will be coming to Xbox platforms later this year.

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