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Look Out, Nintendo Has An Official Gesture, And It's Chopping At Your Face

Illustration for article titled Look Out, Nintendo Has An Official Gesture, And Its Chopping At Your Face

Here's a hilariously odd piece of corporate expression; it seems Nintendo has adopted an official gesture when its senior employees are mentioning the word "direct".


Tiny Cartridge's Eric has spotted that, too often for it to be a coincidence, when the word (part of Nintendo's term for its impromptu press briefings) "direct" is mentioned, the person saying it chops their hands very directly. Company president Satoru Iwata does it a lot, but so too does Bill Trinen, and even Reggie gives it a go.

What's awesome is that it's not just done in the English-language presentations. In Japanese briefings, Iwata does exactly the same thing when he says "chokusetsu", which of course means "direct".


You can see some chopping in the pics above, or here's a video example. What you can't see is my hands chopping every time I type "direct". This thing is catchy!

Nintendo Direct [Tiny Cartridge]

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Oh man, I always find these rehearsed public speaking gestures and stuff that CEO's, Presidents, Prime ministers etc. use is just super awkward and unnatural. No one talks like that.

Why can't they just talk like normal people and be more laid back like: "ok so check this out, you guys. maybe you didn't think our last thing was the bomb but you might like this new shit we're doing, i dont know. anyway, not gonna bore you with my yammering. here's a video of some cool stuff set to some dope music, enjoy!"